It’s a little bigger than rice grains woman in her early 20s

It’s a little bigger than rice grains


Q: A woman in her early 20s. Sex with my boyfriend every Saturday and Sunday, and I sleep every night using a vibrator.

A few weeks ago, there was something like a pimple, whether it was inflammation or acne, in the order of noise. It’s a little bigger and redder than a grain of rice. The white cold comes out more than before, it’s itchy, and it smells bad.

I was taking a shower after having a relationship with my boyfriend this morning, and the pimples in the noise order were bigger than before. When I touched it a little, it didn’t hurt much. Do I have to go see an obstetrics and gynecology doctor for treatment?

A: You have to examine the exact details yourself, but if you have odor, itching, and cold symptoms, you are very likely to have vaginitis.

Self-treatment with vaginal cleanser and female cleanser can worsen symptoms. Also, it may be more difficult to treat vaginitis due to chronic disease, so be careful when using it.

First, do not touch the rash and visit a nearby hospital to find the exact causative agent and receive appropriate treatment accordingly.

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