Messi wants to return to Barcelona but his shock destination

Messi wants to return to Barcelona but his shock destination has already been decided


The prospect of Lionel Messi (35, Paris Saint-Germain) heading to Saudi Arabia this summer has resurfaced. Still, he wants to return to “friendly” Barcelona, but reports say he will sign Al-Hilal, who recently offered a large salary, as he cannot delay his decision on his next destination without receiving an official offer yet.

French media ‘Foot Mercato’ said on the 30th (Korea Standard Time), “Messi still hopes to return to Barcelona the most.” However, considering the information so far, the trend is now completely heading to Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Messi has been confirmed to finish accompanying Paris Saint-Germain as of June 30. This is because negotiations on renewing the contract completely broke down amid the expiration of the contract period. In particular, he was reported to have completely left his mind when he was asked to cut his weekly salary and even heard jeers from fans.

Messi wanted to return to Barcelona after two years. In particular, he considered playing in Europe as a “top priority” before the 2024 South American Football Association (CONMEBOL) Copa America, and planned to respond when Xavi Hernandez (43, Spain), who he had been with in the past, wanted to meet again

However, Messi had a problem in the process of returning because Barcelona faced financial problems. If the salary problem is not resolved, it will not be possible to register for the roster next season. As a result, it is known that he has not yet received an official transfer offer.

Messi eventually plans to decide his future course within a few days, but he seems to have decided to go to Alhilar, which offered an astronomical annual salary of 400 million euros (about 570 billion won), judging that he cannot wait for Barcelona’s transfer offer and Spanish Primera Liga’s approval.

In particular, according to “Foot Mercato,” Messi’s father and agent Jorge Messi (65, Argentina) drew the line that it was “fake news” earlier this month, but according to recent reports, he has already accepted Alhilal’s contract proposal. He also explained that his close relationship as an ambassador for Saudi Arabia’s tourism agency affected the transfer 카지노사이트

Naturally, attention is being paid to Messi’s rare scene of “Meho Daejeon” with “rival” Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Alnasr) on the Asian stage, not on the European stage. Some are expressing deep regret, saying that even the “God of Soccer” eventually headed to Saudi Arabia

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