BLACKPINK Jisoo fans are smearing Kim Yu-na’s attacking

BLACKPINK Jisoo fans are smearing Kim Yu-na’s attacking artist’s face


Fans of the group Black Pink Jisoo and domestic Internet users engaged in a war of words over the order of posts uploaded by Dior Beauty on its official social network service.

Jisoo’s fans objected, saying that Jisoo was the first to not be released among the pictures of Korean celebrities released by Dior Beauty. The first person to be unveiled at Dior Beauty is former national figure skater Kim Yu-na.

On the 28th, Dior Beauty released five photos of domestic celebrities while promoting the “Miss Dior” exhibition, which will be held from May 5 to June 4 this year through its official social network service. Kim Yu-na, Ji-soo, actor Lee Joon-ho, group New Jin’s Harin, and actor Jung Hae-in were shown one after another.

Ji-soo’s overseas fans said, “I’m not happy that Kim Yu-na was included first.” They complained about the post, saying, “Why is the index on the second slide when it’s Dior’s global ambassador,” “It’s strange to put the global ambassador on the second slide,” and “Delete this post and let the index come first and upload it again.”

Ji-Soo fans claim that “It is natural that Ji-Soo will be released for the first time because she is Dior’s global Ambassador.” However, there is no rule that a global Ambassador should be the first to be disclosed in all posts. In addition, the account that uploaded the post is Dior Beauty’s official account, and it is all Dior Beauty’s authority to disclose who will be posted first.

It is not known why Dior Beauty unveiled Kim before Ji-soo, but it is not possible to suddenly change the order just because Ji-soo’s fans complain. Jisoo’s fans asked Dior Beauty to change the order of the posts, but rather than getting what they wanted, it was a nuisance to Jisoo.

Domestic Internet users said, “The more this happens, only Ji-Soo is criticized in Korea. In Korea, Kim Yu-na is a hero,” “You should not undermine other models just because your favorite star is not placed in the first picture,” and “Even if there are people in Korea who don’t know Ji-Soo, there is no one who doesn’t know Kim Yu-na.”

Jisoo’s overseas fans seem to have made Jisoo compete with Kim Yu-na, the “figure queen.” If Ji-Soo finds out about this, wouldn’t she feel sorry for Kim Yu-na and her domestic fans. Since the fans did it, they couldn’t come forward and apologize in person, and when they stayed still, the confrontation structure with Kim Yu-na was created, making it a difficult situation.

I need to know how much misrepresentation of affection is a nuisance to my beloved artist

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