Moon Chae-won

Moon Chae-won, the concept master who is so lovely and adorable

Moon Chae-won, the concept master who is so lovely and adorable.

Moon Chae-won

Moon Chae-won’s still-steel with unlimited concept digestion has been released, drawing attention. Earlier, Moon Chae-won drew a lot of attention by presenting a pictorial for “Singles,” a lifestyle magazine with a clear sensibility.

Moon Chae-won showed off her drawing-like charm through the stills released. From the unrivaled elegance to the loveliness that makes even the viewers feel good. The variety of faces and atmosphere that change every minute to the point where the modifier octahedron is lacking attracts attention by creating a different feeling from the pictorial.

Wearing a casual white T-shirt and a sunshine smile, Moon Chae-won’s natural atmosphere was felt, while the dark eyes that matched the enticing black dress completed the aura that overwhelmed many people at once.

It is said that Moon Chae-won not only digested various costumes in his own style, but also drew enthusiastic cheers from the staff with his professional aspect that led to meticulous monitoring and photoshoots.

Meanwhile, Moon Chae-won received much love last year for proving the true value of a trusted actor in the drama ‘The Flower of Evil’.

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