Good food and habits for premenstrual syndrome

Good food and habits for premenstrual syndrome.


Foods good for premenstrual syndrome

1. Eat foods with low glycemic index and high carbohydrates. Foods like oat cakes and whole grains, which stabilize blood sugar levels and provide energy continuously. This kind of food can also help you with your appetite, sensitivity, and mood swings 비아그라판매

2. Studies show that vitamin B6 can help improve many symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well as emotional effects. Vitamin B6 is contained in cereals, baked potatoes, bananas, chicken, beef, avocado, magnesium, spinach, pumpkin seeds, salmon, sesame seeds, and white fish.

3. I like foods rich in calcium. Women who get enough calcium have fewer premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Eat dairy products, green leaf vegetables, beans, celery, cereals, dried fruits and almonds.

4. Fiber-rich foods prevent constipation and reduce estrogen levels, a female hormone, by preventing intestinal reabsorption. Porridge (a dish boiled like porridge with milk or water poured into the oats) and dried fruits are rich in fiber.

5. Food containing plant-based estrogen may help alleviate hormonal imbalance, but it does not work for all women. These natural ingredients are abundant in fermented soybean foods such as tempe, tofu, and soybean paste as well as in flax seeds and soybeans such as chickpees and lentils. These foods will help reduce the effects of estrogen, such as relieving symptoms such as chest pain.

6. Reduce sugar, salt, and saturated fat intake. Reducing salt intake can help offset expansion and water retention, which are generally associated with premenstrual syndrome.

7. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These things make the symptoms worse. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially during the two weeks before menstruation.

a good habit for premenstrual syndrome

1. Make a healthy and balanced diet. This diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

2. For the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle, have a snack or meal that is high in carbohydrates every two to three hours.

3. Regular exercise will promote endorphin production that promotes happiness.

4. Reduce stress as much as possible. Find out what can help you reduce stress. Yoga is good, meditation is good,

5. Exercise is good, too. Put the chosen one into your daily life and do it regularly.

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