Park Sol-mi

No.1 is Park Sol-mi Married to Han Jae-seok? I think I made a mistake

No.1 is Park Sol-mi. Married to Han Jae-seok? I think I made a mistake.

Park Sol-mi

In ‘Can’t Be No. 1,’ Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo, who spent time with their best friends Park Sol-mi and So Yu-jin, were depicted.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company on the 25th, JTBC’s entertainment show “Can’t Be No. 1,” which aired on the 24th, recorded 4.804% of the nation’s paid broadcasting households.

On the same day, Shim Jin-hwa invited Park Sol-mi and So Yu-jin to her home and gave them a six-day leave. The three showed strong friendship with frank and lively talks, from how they became close to each other by showing a barbecue on the terrace of her yard.

Shim Jin-hwa said in an interview, “When the three get together, there is a sense of age backwards. So Yujin is the oldest, and then I and Solmi are the youngest. “Solmi is cute. “She’s the youngest of the three, and she’s like the oldest sister.

In particular, Park Sol-mi made people laugh with her honest talk about her husband Han Jae-seok. Asked by Shim Jin-hwa whether she married her ideal type, Park Sol-mi laughed, saying, “Who did you marry when you watched TV? Who did you look so cheesy. “But I’m at home.”

When So Yu-jin said, “(Han Jae-seok) thought he was the most handsome actor in Korea,” Park Sol-mi said, “Even now, I am sometimes surprised by his double eyelids.” When Shim Jin-hwa asked, “Then what made you get married?” Park Sol-mi replied, “I think I made a mistake,” causing laughter.

Asked if her husband Baek Jong-won is her ideal type, So Yoo-jin said, “He is a man I can respect, a man I can play with in my palm.” Shim Jin-hwa said, “It’s a match made in heaven. When I said, “In your brother’s palm,” So Yoo-jin also said, “I feel and live every day,” and said, “I love that.”

Shim Jin-hwa said about her husband Kim Won-hyo, “I realized that she was my ideal type, but I didn’t know when I first met her. But the Lotto got caught. “I took it, but the good thing about marriage is that it’s hundreds of millions of times more.”

Since then, the three, who have matched the dress code with Shim Jin-hwa’s clothes, have shown sister-like chemistry. Kim Won-hyo, who joined the team as a DJ after finishing her work, was very active and boosted the mood. Shim Jin-hwa, Park Sol-mi, and So Yu-jin, who are obsessed with guessing the title of the song, are even excited by the small screen.

Park Joon-hyung visited his wife, Kim Ji-hye, following his daughters Hye-yi and Juni, who entered puberty, but soothed the loneliness of not being welcomed anywhere with dishes. Recalling his childhood memories, he began making castella with a pot, and asked Hye-yi, who showed a slight interest, for help, spending time with her daughter, who learned baking in after-school classes.

Park Joon-hyung, who wants to play with his daughters, suggested that the children play together when they were young, but the already covered children refused. With the idea of a wife who knows children’s tastes well, Kim Ji-hye, Juni, Park Joon-hyung and Hye-yi became a team and the shouting game in silence made viewers laugh.

Next, Choi Yang-rak, who was located at the house of Lim Mi-sook and Kim Hak-rae, wisely took out his card to deliver his favorite food to the son of the “Sookrae couple,” but it was embarrassing that the payment could not be made. When he arrived at the house of the “Sookrae couple,” Paeng Hyun-sook, who received a text message to pay for the taxi fare, quickly received a report on the loss of her card.

After the meal, Choi Yang-rak claimed to wash the dishes and clean up, saying he would pay for the meal despite everyone drying it. Just in time, Paeng Hyun-sook, who received Lim Mi-sook’s phone call, found her husband wearing an apron and rubber gloves, and Lim Mi-sook and Kim Hak-rae were falsely accused.

Above all, Choi Yang-rak, who used his head to return home naturally, made shocking remarks that “Kim Hak-rae noticed,” and the sitcom-like development that spread to “Sookrae couple” caused laughter.

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