Oh Jeongyeon

Oh Jeongyeon in her 40s has a very revealing bikini

Oh Jeongyeon in her 40s has a very revealing bikini, but her body is full of volume

Oh Jeongyeon

Oh Jung-yeon, an announcer-turned-broadcaster, boasted a dizzying body.

Oh Jeong-yeon posted several photos on her Instagram on the 6th with the message “I need Salty Sea again.”

In the photo released, Oh Jeong-yeon is wearing a bikini that shows her body and enjoying sea swimming. Oh Jung-yeon, who is enjoying herself with a bright smile under the warm sunshine and clear clouds, caught the eye.

In particular, Oh Jung-yeon showed off her solid and perfect body without any fat. Netizens said, “Pretty and cool. I’m so confident.” “Beautiful.” “No!!!”What should I wear?” “You’re still young,” “Hot noona,” etc.

Oh is a former KBS 32nd announcer. He has been a freelancer since 2015. She recently played for FC Anaconda on SBS entertainment show ‘The Girls Who Goes to the Goal’

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