Ohtani’s 17th homer in MVP race hits 3-hit peak

Ohtani’s 17th homer in MVP race hits 3-hit peak


LA Angels’ “monster” Shohei Otani’s hitting sense reached its peak. He can even jump into the MVP race this year.

Otani started the 2022 Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) with three hits in three at-bats (one home run), two RBIs, and one walk.

Recently, the sense of hitting has risen properly. The average batting speed in April was only 90.9 miles (146.2 kilometers), but it rose to 92.8 miles (149.3 kilometers) in May and recorded 94.3 miles (151.7 kilometers) before the game on June 29. In other words, the number of hits that hit well is increasing. In addition, his batting average for the season, which fell to 0.242 in June, was raised to 0.268.

Otani’s bat was on fire from the first at-bat. In the first inning without a runner with two outs, Otani made a pleasant start by targeting the change-up of White Sox starter Johnny Cueto and drawing a double toward the center fielder.

On the back of Andrew Velazquez-Mike Trout’s home run, Otani continued to hit Cueto’s third pitch cutter with one out and no runner in the third inning with a 2-0 lead, and fired a solo shot over the middle fence. The 17th home run of the season.

His performance continued. In the fifth inning, Otani walked in the third at-bat without two outs and finally completed the “third base” game. However, it was regrettable that the scorer could not be continued without a follow-up hit.

The burning persimmon didn’t cool down. Otani hit another big ball in the seventh inning against pitcher Joe Kelly, who was changed with two outs and runners on second base. Otani’s ball did not go over the fence, but it led to an RBI double that hit the left fence directly. Otani finished the game with three hits and one walk  코인파워볼

On the same day, the Angels suffered a shocking come-from-behind defeat. In the third inning, Velázquez, Trout, and Otani each fired cannons, completely dominating the atmosphere at the beginning of the game. However, in the fifth inning, starter Chase Siles (3 runs in 4 3 innings) and Oliver Ortega (2 runs in 이닝 innings) both collapsed, donating as many as five points.

The Angels, who turned the tide, were lethargic. In the seventh inning, Elvis Peguero (four runs in 이닝 innings) and Jamie Varya (one point in one inning) were sluggish in a row, widening the gap to 3-10. The Angels recovered one point with Otani’s timely hit, but failed to make a turnaround until the end of the game, losing helplessly 4-11.

On the 30th, Otani will be on the mound for the team’s

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