Painful cold like water (smell) in relation to vaginal itching

Painful cold like water (smell) in relation to vaginal itching


I’ve worked in the maternity ward, too, but I want to stay away from the hospital, especially since I’m sitting in that chair Trichomonas, Candida, bacterial, atrophic, and four major types

There’s a common symptom of vaginitis. It’s a lot of vaginal secretions, and it’s itchy I’ll tell you in detail because the characteristic symptoms vary from branch to branch. Trichomonas vaginitis often flows like water. Does it come with vaginal secretions, and there are people who complain of tingling, itching, and burning sensation

Trichomonas vaginitis is caused by parasites. Parasites that are parasitic in male and female reproductive organs are diagnosed under a microscope, and they need to be shared and treated together to prevent recurrence I told you Trichomonas is the first floor of the parasite, but it’s flagellated, so you can move This guy’s got a urethra, he’s got a bladder inflammation, he’s got a bladder infection

The symptoms of bladder inflammation are not cool after urination. You can have blood or pain when urinating, and another side effect is endometriosis, which doubles the incidence of endometriosis compared to the general population It’s also known as Candida’s monolithiasis, and it’s not only common among women, but also in pregnant women, because of the local and monolithic carnival

It’s the most common of the year, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 75 percent of women get Candidiasis and 45.1 percent women get it more than once Fungal inflammation can cause vaginal secretions on cheese-like white and itchy perineum The main reason for this is the frequent use of antibiotics and oral contraceptives of luteinizing hormone drugs, which are caused by hemophilus vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, guardnerella, and vajnalis bacteria 비아센터

Vaginal secretions are pressed, they run gray, smell fish, especially before and after menstruation and sex GERMINAL SYNTHETIC

Let me summarize the symptoms The first secretions are high The second secretion smells, the third relationship has pain or bleeding, the fourth itch or tingling, the fifth preparation has changed color

If this is the case, we can suspect vaginitis It’s good to get treatment early on because a year sometimes gets worse with pelvic inflammation Trichomonas and bacteriophilic lovers must be treated together to prevent recurrence

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