Park Kyung-rim

Park Kyung-rim never crossed my mind From Jo In-sung quit

Park Kyung-rim never crossed my mind From Jo In-sung quit smoking to donation.

Park Kyung-rim

Actor Cho In-sung appeared on “Let’s meet at 12 o’clock Lee Soo-young” and told a more honest story than ever. In the past, Park Kyung-rim talked about couple chemistry, and talked about many stories with his mother, from smoking cessation to donation.

CBS Music FM’s “Let’s meet at 12 o’clock Lee Soo-young,” which aired on the 3rd, starred Jo In-sung, who starred in the movie “Mogadishu.” Jo In-sung said, “I came out as a fan,” adding, “I suddenly contacted you and asked if it was okay to appear, but thank you for accepting it willingly.”

Jo In-sung, who said he often listens to “Let’s meet at 12,” said, “I didn’t know you were doing visual radio.” In response, DJ Lee Soo-young said, “I was in a hurry to prepare it,” adding, “I decided to do a visible radio for Cho In-sung.”

Lee Soo-young said, “When I got a call from Cho In-sung, I said, ‘This is the wrong phone call,’ and said, ‘I was confused’ because the previous program was a movie music program, so I asked you to double-check it, but how did I get to appear?”

Cho In-sung said, “I have several schedules while promoting the movie. Among them, appearing on a radio program that I wanted to do or go out on was also a small happiness for me,” he said. “I’m a fan of ‘Let’s meet at 12 o’clock,’ so I contacted him to think about it. “I suddenly contacted him, but he welcomed me.”

Lee Soo-young said, “I was blocked by Park Kyung-rim for 20 years,” adding, “Jo In-sung almost split up because I couldn’t meet him alone before I got married, but after 10 years, Jo In-sung comes to me as a favor.”

Cho In-sung said about Lee Soo-young, “You are still the same. “It’s a lot more relaxed, including the face,” he said. “I can’t help but laugh and sympathize with how you express your feelings in such a delicious way. I think it’s really cool.” Lee Soo-young replied, “I want to call you oppa,” adding laughter.

Lee Soo-young then said, “My birthday was on July 28. “I congratulate you belatedly,” he said. “Are you 40 years old now?” In response, Jo In-sung said, “Time has passed,” and laughed by introducing him as Jo In-sung, who has been loved by many people and has been active 광주호스트바

“That’s what the timing is about,” he said about the release of “Mogadishu” on his birthday. “I didn’t mean to do that, but it was because of Corona 19, and I was adjusting my schedule and it was released on my birthday like fate.”

Lee Soo-young congratulated her by saying, “In this corona situation, the number of viewers is 950,000,” adding, “This year’s Korean movie hit a new record.” “Fortunately, people who watched the movie have good reviews, so I’m receiving a lot of support,” Cho In-sung said. “If you come to the theater to avoid the heat, it would be okay to watch ‘Mogadishu’.”

In addition, Cho In-sung played the role of a “military officer” about his character in the play. “I am in charge of helping the ambassador and collecting various information,” he added.

I’ve also heard the story behind the popular car-chasing scene in “Mogadishu Cho In-sung said, “I like to drive, but car-chasing is difficult.” “You have to pay attention to safety and move in the angle, so just because you are good at driving doesn’t mean you can see it.” I have to follow many lucks, but I had a hard time filming it. The car kept turning off. When there are a lot of people, the car turns off often because it’s sensitive. “The car had a hard time,” he recalled.

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