It’s been three weeks since I started menstruating

It’s been three weeks since I started menstruating.


Q: I started menstruating three weeks ago, but I still have my period. I usually have anemia. I’ve been menstruating for too long, so I have a headache, sit down, and when I wake up, I can’t keep my balance. I got vaccinated against cervical cancer when I was menstruating 3 weeks ago. Is it because of that effect? Why do you have a long period of menstruation?

A: A normal menstrual cycle is usually between three and five weeks apart and ends between two and seven days. If the menstruation period is shorter than this, it is called undermenstruation and if it is longer, overmenstruation. The cause of these symptoms is poor living habits or gynecological diseases.

When the body becomes tired due to stress, lack of sleep, and excessive diet, it causes hormonal changes and prolonged menstruation, which can alleviate symptoms by improving lifestyle. If the amount of bleeding is high or lasts for a long time, you may suspect a gynecological condition. It is recommended that you visit a gynecologist specializing in uterus and ovaries for a thorough examination as soon as possible.

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