Pulmonary hemorrhage? Menstruation? Reasons why women’s vagina

Pulmonary hemorrhage? Menstruation? Reasons why women’s vagina is dangerous


Q: I’m a menopause woman in my early fifties. Maybe it’s because the quality is dry these days, but I don’t think I should have sex once a month because of the heavy traffic. Another problem is a small amount of blood. Is this a pulmonary hemorrhage?

A: It’s likely to be an irregular hemorrhage. Bleeding that occurs during non-menstrual periods is called negative bleeding. Symptoms can be caused by hormonal changes due to rapid weight changes, stress, and irregular eating habits. In this case, proper living habits, plenty of rest, and regular exercise will relieve the symptoms.

If symptoms continue to occur, you may suspect gynecological diseases such as uterine myoma, adenomyopathy, uterine polyp, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. This is a condition that frequently occurs in women over their 30s, resulting in irregular bleeding, excessive menstruation, anemia, menstrual pain, sexual transportation, pelvic pressure, bowel movements, and urinary disorders 비아그라구매

Menopausal usually begins in the mid to late 40s. Due to the decrease in female hormones due to ovarian aging, you will not have menstruation. Menopause can cause vaginal dryness or sexual traffic. Especially if your vagina is dry, you may be exposed to the risk of infection with several bacteria, so it is recommended to check your uterine and ovarian health through regular gynecological examinations.

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