Park Sung-je

Park Sung-je, president of MBC, eventually bowed his head

Park Sung-je, president of MBC, eventually bowed his head due to a major broadcasting accident at the Olympics.

Park Sung-je

MBC, which caused another worldwide controversy over inappropriate subtitles and data footage during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, apologized.

MBC President Park Sung-je held a press conference at the MBC Management Center in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu on the 26th and said, “We did a broadcast that undermined the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and harmony among people around the world in the new coronavirus situation.”

President Park then said, “I bow my head as the chief executive of MBC content to the people of the country and the disappointed viewers who were hurt by the lack of careful broadcasting and consideration for the participating countries.”

MBC broadcasted the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the 23rd and displayed a graphic image of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident from Ukraine’s perspective. El Salvador also used Bitcoin photos in El Salvador, pizza in Italy and Dracula in Romania.

In Haiti’s introduction, the political situation was fogged by the assassination of the president, and the Marshall Islands had diplomatic discourtesy with subtitles such as “a nuclear test site in the United States at one time.” In addition, he was criticized for his inappropriate screenings and subtitles in various countries. Norway was criticized for putting salmon, sushi, and Turkish ice cream pictures.

As soon as the controversy arose, MBC apologized for the first time at the end of the opening ceremony and issued an apology on the 24th, the next day. “We prepared the opening ceremony with the intention of introducing the teams of athletes who enter each country in a short time. However, consideration and concern for the parties were greatly lacking and the inspection process was also poor. It’s an inexplicable mistake,” he said.

However, the controversy spread abroad. The controversy has been dealt with by CNN, Fox News and ESPN in the U.S., Britain’s Guardian, Australia’s Harold Line, and Canada’s Toronto Line 광주호빠

On the 25th, the day after the announcement of the apology, MBC said, “Thank you for your own goal against the Korean Olympic soccer team in Romania. The derisive caption ‘Marine Self-Humming Goal’ has sparked controversy again.

As the controversy continued, President Park Sung-je eventually came forward and held an apology press conference. President Park bowed his head several times during the press conference.

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