Please be considerate of Kim Yu-na before her schedule

Please be considerate of Kim Yu-na before her schedule the day after her wedding


Forrestella found ‘Choi Fatah’.

On the 11th, Forrestella appeared in SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time (hereinafter referred to as “Choi Fatah”).

On this day, Forrestella came to ‘Choi Fatah’ for the first time in half a year following June last year. Mingyu greeted warmly, saying, “I ran in one step because you called me.”

Choi Hwa-jung congratulated Ko Woo-rim, a new groom who recently married figure skating queen Kim Yu-na, saying, “Congratulations on your belated wedding.” In response, Go Woo-rim said, “It hasn’t been long, so I’m receiving a lot of congratulations,” and when he said, “When I get married, I say I’ll become an adult, but the youngest did it first,” he said generously, “I’m pretending to be an adult.”

Forrestella is set to perform in Busan after finishing her concert in Seoul last weekend. We have an American tour coming up. Go Woo-rim said, “It is our first time to have a solo concert abroad. I go to 5 cities in the U.S., the country I want to visit. “I’m looking forward to it and I’m nervous because I think it’ll be so good,” he said.

Choi Hwa-jung said, “I’m going on a business trip, but I think the new groom will be a little awkward. When asked if there is any joining (Kim Yeon-ah), Ko Woo-rim said, “I think our team will probably go around when we work,” referring to the fact that each personally busy.

When asked, “Is there any problem in adjusting the time after marriage?” he said, “Last year, I was busy preparing for the ceremony, so the members were very considerate, but after that, I returned to my daily life.” Kang Hyung-ho also said, “(Go Woo-rim) attended the wedding right after the next day. “There was a recording, so we had no choice but to summon him right away,” he said.

Forestella released her first single, “The Bloom: Utopia – The Borders of Utopia,” on December 22 last year. Regarding the title song “UTOPIA,” Mingyu asks, “Utopia is literally an ideal, but from whose point of view is it?” Development is utopia for humans, but dystopia for nature. “So, it contains the content of continuing the song brilliantly, concluding that we should find a direction to coexist,” he introduced.

Go Woo-rim said, “What do I do?” and “How long does it take to record?” When I first received the guide song, it was more transformative than now. I remember thinking a lot about compromise,” he recalled. Kang Hyung-ho, who was in charge of vocal directing, said, “The difficult part to express is the intro,” adding, “I think it took the longest time.” The opera was supposed to show each personality, but the intro was a work that had to be layered as if they were each other and not their voices. I think it was a little hard at that time,” he said.

In addition, Forrestella sang two songs live, including Patty Kim’s “Pledge of Love,” which was released through “Immortal Songs,” to give a good impression.

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