Porto is not number one? Where is the highest peak of the European

Porto is not number one? Where is the highest peak of the European giant club?


Transfermarkt has released a list of the 10 clubs that have won the most money since the 2010-2011 season.

The first place was overwhelming. Portugal’s Porto, which had a “businessman” image, was not. Benfica of Portugal was the best. Benfica sold the players and made a profit of 644.6 million euros (about 882.65 billion won).

Even if you glance over the names of the players Benfica has sold so far, it is enormous. Record-writers Jo Felix (Atletico Madrid), Ruben Diaz (Manchester City), Ederson (Manchester City), Axel Witchel (Borussia Dortmund), Raul Jiménes (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Nelson Semedo (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Victor Lindeloff (Manchester United), Henatu Maria, and Henatu-Hell) 토토사이트

Only 10 players who generated a lot of transfer fees when they were sold were listed sequentially, but all of them are from Benfica, including Hodrigu, Gonzalu Gedes, Nico Gaitan, Nemanya Matic, Enzo Perez, David Lewis, Luca Yovi·, and Hamirez. If you look through it like this, you can see why Benfica has reached the highest point in Europe with the proceeds of the transfer fee.

Benfica’s successor was Porto, followed by Ajax, Lil and Red Bull Salzburg. Portona Ajax and Red Bull Salzburg had a strong image of earning money by selling players, but Lille of France also appeared as an unexpected selling club. Lil has transferred players such as Nicolas Pepe, Victor Osimen, Ethan Azar, Boubakari Sumare, Tiago Mendez, Gerbinho and Dimitri Faye to the big club.

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