post-sexual vaginitis symptoms I caught a lot of colds

post-sexual vaginitis symptoms


I caught a lot of colds, but I’ve never had vaginitis before. This time, it’s starting to itch and smell a lot of coldness, but I think it’s a symptom that I started to have a relationship with my boyfriend. Can you cure this vaginitis? I heard that it gets better if you wash well, but I wash once every day. In the past, I always had a habit of washing because I used to get cold. Isn’t it better if you just buy medicine at the pharmacy? I don’t think it’s a serious vaginitis. Also, it is burdensome to go to the hospital, so please reply.I had severe coldness and no symptoms of vaginitis, but I recently suffered from vaginitis after sex. Women’s vagina is a hot and humid environment, and there are always many beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and harmful bacteria (bacteria and fungi), and when they are not balanced, vaginitis causes severe discomfort. When vaginitis occurs, itching and secretion occur, and it depends on the type or severity of inflammation. In the case of vaginitis, there is a high risk of recurrence, and even if you are treated at a hospital, if you do not receive constant treatment, you can become habitual vaginitis and suffer from chronic vaginitis. What is vaginitis? > Not only cold but also itchy, smell, etc. There are many types of vaginitis and symptoms can vary. In general, there are fungi, bacteria, and primary vaginitis. Bacteria and fungi are one of the diseases of vaginitis that appear in sexual intercourse and body fatigue. Bacterial vaginitis causes changes in secretion color, smells, and trichomonas causes increased secretion, smells, and itching. Herbalitis can cause white and thick secretions, itching and tingling symptoms.

<Causes of vaginitis> – When the biorhythm is broken due to overwork or sleep disturbance – When wearing poorly ventilated underwear or tight skinny jeans – Excessive use of vaginal sanitizer – hormonal changes due to menstruation or menopause, dissonance of the biorhythm – SimplifiesYou can ventilate at home. Use only once a week for nitrogen cleaners (beneficial bacteria can also be eliminated). It is recommended that you do not use cleaning agents often.) Wash with water only as much as possible. Very mild vaginitis can be treated by a pharmacy prescription, but vaginitis prescription drugs belong to a specialist’s medicine, so a specialist’s prescription is required. In the case of general medicines, it is difficult to use as a cure for vaginitis. In the case of vaginitis, treatment is not difficult, so please visit the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Since vaginitis tests are usually performed through secretory tests, there is no need for pain and no detailed diagnosis of the quality. It is recommended to understand the progress of vaginitis and proceed with treatment. Also, it can’t get better even if you visit once, so please continue to treat it. For the information, please consult the obstetrics and gynecology department about vaginitis.

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