President LAD Friedman’s painful choices Alvarez and Cruise

President LAD Friedman’s painful choices Alvarez and Cruise


The LA Dodgers are a rich club. As of the 23rd, he is the second-largest player in the Major League with $259.945,386 in annual salary. The New York Mets topped the list with 260,929,992.

Rich teams do not mean that all club management is smooth. Basically, the Palm Team should have a large number of promising players. Amateur draft and international free agent contracts are the supply routes for future power.

Andrew Friedman was appointed general manager of the Dodgers in October 2014. At that time, it was an exceptional condition for a five-year total annual salary of $35 million. During Friedman’s tenure, the Dodgers have won three National League championships and one World Series title for nine consecutive years. He is an outstanding manager of the club. It is safe to say that the team’s roaster operation is the best at the moment.

However, Friedman also made a painful trade due to a misjudgment. He repeated his mistake in judging Latin American prospects. So did Dodgers history. They are all related to Latin American athletes. He has a history of sending out future Cy Young pitchers and Hall of Fame candidates. Pedro Martinez, who won the Cy Young Award three times. The late coach Tommy Lasorda said he was ineligible as a starting pitcher, and his brother Ramon begged him to watch his brother, but he was the one who traded to the Montreal Expos.

Friedman’s misjudgment failed to make the power positive alpha, but the team’s salary soared.

Jordan Alvarez, who has grown up as a big shot for the Houston Astros, is always an obstacle that weighs on Friedman. Alvarez, 24, who defected from Cuba, signed as an international FA with the Dodgers in June 2016 and received a deposit of $2 million. Although Cubans are overrated, Alvarez was a promising player who stood out in the national series in his country.

However, even before the ink of the cause of death ran out, Friedman gave Alvarez and received Houston Astros bullpen pitcher Josh Field in August. Friedman always puts emphasis on strengthening the bullpen. The Dodgers’ bullpen is at the top of the list every year. However, such a trade ends in a short period of time. Field played two and a half seasons and has now disappeared from active service. The field was not a setup man or a closure ball.

Alvarez, who was raised in the Houston minor leagues, will make his debut in a spectacular way with one hit (home run) and two RBIs in three at-bats against the Baltimore Orioles on June 10, 2019. He played in 87 games and won the American League Rookie of the Year award with a batting average of 0.313, 27 RBIs and 78 RBIs. In 2021, he had 33 home runs and 104 RBIs. It was selected as the ALL-MLB second team in 2019 and 2021.

The verification is over. On the 3rd, Houston extended its six-year, $115 million contract with Alvarez to solve its concerns about salary adjustment. This contract requires the FA to end the 2028 season. It has secured a clear offensive power with power and average 안전놀이터

Another person who made Friedman’s stomach ache appeared. Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop O’Neill Cruz, who showed both offense and defense in his debut game this season on the 21st. Cruise was also a member of the Dodgers. In July 2015, he signed an international FA contract for $950,000. It was cultivated by the farm team and traded after two years. This is also Friedman’s work, and he abandoned the promising cruise card due to strengthening the bullpen.Tony Watson is the bullpen left-hander who received it at this time. Watson took the mound in the Dodgers’ 24-game bullpen and became an FA after the 2017 season and moved to rival SF Giants. He retired last year.

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