PSG Neymar’s release and Byung Do-jin will bring 70 billion glass bodies

PSG Neymar’s release and Byung Do-jin will bring 70 billion glass bodies


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is preparing to break up with Neymar (31).

Neymar’s right ankle sprain was confirmed after the match against Nantes in mid-February. With the area that has been injured several times in recent years, the club recommended surgery to prevent the condition from worsening further. Although the surgery recently ended successfully, you can no longer see him playing this season.

Apart from this, the breakup is accelerating as news continues to be heard that PSG will release Neymar. Meanwhile, Usman Dembele (25), one of Barcelona’s representative glass bodies, has emerged as an alternative to Neymar.

PSG has continued to be interested in Dembele, but he has withdrawn in hopes of continuing to play for Barcelona.

Spain’s Sport said, “Barcelona, which is struggling with financial difficulties, is likely to sell its players. We are ready to accept the negotiations this summer,” he said.

According to the media, PSG is moving to release Neymar. I want to acquire Dembele. The transfer fee is set at 50 million euros (KRW 70 billion). There are no financial hurdles for PSG.

However, Barcelona has no intention of letting Dembele go easily. We are negotiating with Dembele to extend the contract period, which is until the summer of 2024, but the situation is not clear 토토놀이터 추천

For Barcelona, it is the worst situation for him to leave the team due to the expiration of his contract (free contract). If you can’t catch it, you should sell it this summer or at the latest in the winter transfer market.

Dembele, who was completely transformed under Xavi Hernandez, was responsible for the team’s attack by playing a big role from last season to the first half of this season. On January 29, however, he injured his hamstring and was out of power. I’m also worried that I might have recovered from my glass body disease.

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