Regulation is not an issue with the near-degromic ERA

Regulation is not an issue with the near-degromic ERA.


Records are not a problem, but if this is the case, there could be a situation where the qualifications are not met.

New York Mets ace Jacob Digrom is on the disabled list for the second time this season. “Digrom was listed in the 10-day IL on the 19th (Korea time) due to stiffness in the right front arm. “It will be applied retroactively from the 16th.”

DeGrom felt an abnormality in his arm during the Pittsburgh expedition on the 17th. MRI tests showed no muscle, ligament or bone problems, just stiffness in the front of the right arm. However, the pain did not subside on the day after two days and eventually decided to go to IL.

“I’m disappointed,” DeGrom said in an ESPN interview. “I don’t know what to say,” he said. “It’s good news that there’s no structural problem. “However, the level of disappointment is very high.

It is the second time this season that DeGrom has reached the IL since May 12. At that time, right flank and abdominal pain were the cause. Due to this reason, he made three starts in May alone. In a game against the Chicago Cubs on June 17, he complained of shoulder pain and made a voluntary decision in three innings.

He struck out 7-2 in 15 games, 1.08 ERA and 146 strikeouts in the first half. He is challenging the record of 1.12 ERA set by Bob Gibson in 1968 (since 1920).

DeGrom maintained a zero-point ERA throughout the first half of the year, but allowed seven runs in a total of 20 innings in the last three games, soaring to the one-point mark. He made every effort to recover his condition by judging that his condition was not very good and eventually giving up participating in the All-Star Game. He reportedly began to feel an abnormality in his arm during bullpen pitching at the end of the first half. Eventually, he stayed with his family and took a rest from the All-Star break.

Regarding the cause of the injury, Digrom said, “The previous injury was caused by hitting, but this arm injury is not.” The cause is unknown. He is also active in batting, and is batting .364 this season.

Due to regulations, DeGrom can return to Korea on May 26. However, it may be delayed depending on the condition of the arm. If so, the average ERA is not a problem, but it could be difficult to fill this year’s regular innings (162 innings). DeGrom pitched 92 innings in the first half. The Mets played 90 games against Pittsburgh. The Mets will play the Cincinnati Reds for three consecutive away games from the 20th to the 22nd, and DeGrom will be placed on the ERA list after the 22nd. This is because he is short of regulating innings (93 innings).

DeGrom lost two chances to start the game due to the injury. It is not known whether the injured area such as arm, shoulder and side will be okay even after returning. Therefore, he can be restricted from pitching innings, and he may end up in the IL again. In other words, falling short of regulation can be realized.

If he fails to meet the regulation innings, no one will recognize him even if he has a zero ERA. Moving away from Cy Young, it’s hard to mention Gibson’s record again.

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