Song Jae-rim

Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee Become Rich. Comic action play

Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee Become Rich. Comic action play.

Song Jae-rim

Actors Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee will work together in the movie “Getting Rich.”

On the 20th, “Getting Rich” said that Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee have confirmed casting as the main characters, respectively. The movie is a comic action drama about a father who won the lottery and suffered from amnesia and his son struggling to find the lottery prize money.

Song Jae-rim plays the role of a film director who chases his father’s winning money after winning the lottery. He is a person who is involved in a criminal case without even realizing it at the hospital where his father was hospitalized.

Yoon So-hee, a former Taekwondo national team member and a current rookie actor, helped Oh Ki-ro play the role of a character in the movie, showing off hot action and helping her father escape from the game 광주호빠

Meanwhile, Song is set to release the films “Yacha” and “Hello Counselor.” Yoon So-hee is currently in the middle of filming as the main MC of “What’s Wrong with the Classic 2” on the life channel, while being cast as the heroine of the new play “Pang” on the playlist.

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