You’re still confident. Defi Barca. That’s my style

You’re still confident. Defi Barca. That’s my style.


“It’s just my style.”

Memphis Defai, 27, who moved to Barcelona, is confidently preparing for the season.

Defai moved from Lyon (France) to Barcelona this summer through a transfer window. It’s a free contract with no transfer fee. He held a joining ceremony on the 20th (Korean time).

Defai was a promising player that everyone was paying attention to, but he didn’t grow as much as expected. He moved to Manchester United in July 2015 and joined a big club to take over Manchester United’s “seven” genealogy. He himself asked for the legend of Manchester United, “Number 7.” His performance was insufficient. He eventually moved to Lyon in January 2017, and joined the big league again as a key player.

There are a lot of concerns. This is because the prevailing view is that Manchester United failed to achieve the only big league experience. The only time Defi stood out was during the days of PSV Eindhoven (Dutch) and Lyon.

But Defi is confident. “I play aggressive football. I want to score and assist a lot. “Barcelona is just my style,” he said, confident of his success.

“Now is a good time to concentrate,” Depai said. I want to start off well and concentrate as much as I can. I will try to adapt quickly.”

It is the first time in four years that he has returned to the big leagues to Lyon. Defai said, “Barcelona is a special club. I’m looking forward to playing in the stadium. Everything seems to be a wonderful and beautiful day. I will win many titles. That’s why I came to Barcelona,” he said, vowing to make Barcelona the best club in the Primera Liga next season.

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