Samsung performanceism and generational change personnel finish

Following the appointment of presidents, Samsung Electronics conducted a large-scale promotion of executives on the 4th, strengthening its future momentum to switch to “New Samsung.”

Despite the internal and external crises such as the new coronavirus infection and the trial of Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, it has confirmed the principle of compensating if there are any results.

Analysts say that Lee Kun-hee, who has been completely “alone” since his death in late October, will accelerate the change to “New Samsung” in the future.

According to regular executives of Samsung Electronics in 2021, a total of 214 people were promoted, including 31 vice presidents, 55 executive directors, and 111 executive directors.

It is the third-largest number of promotions in history, the highest level in three years since 2017 (221 people)

It is believed that the company has rewarded its best performance despite the Corona 19 crisis with a promotion party and energized the organization.

In the personnel reshuffle of the presidents announced on the 2nd, Samsung Electronics carried out the replacement of the presidents in a small amount and the executive personnel reshuffle on the same day in a large scale, seeking stability and change at the same time.

The number of vice-presidents promoted to vice president reached 31, solidifying the list of candidates for next-generation CEOs.

In particular, the number of “commissioned personnel” who promote talented and potential growth regardless of age or annual leave was the highest with 25.

The number of selected promotions has steadily increased to eight in May 2017, 13 at the end of 2017, 18 at the end of 2018, 24 in January this year and 25 this time.

Representative selection promotion executives are Lee Ki-soo, head of the development team of the household appliances division, and Lee Joon-hee, head of the network business division.

Vice President Lee Ki-soo has developed consumer appliances that are popular in the market such as Bisport refrigerator and Grande AI washing machine, and became vice president at high speed two years after becoming executive director.

Vice President Lee Joon-hee was promoted by saying that he played a major role in winning a contract to supply 5G equipment to Verizon, a U.S. telecommunication company, by leading the commercialization of 5G technologies.

Both Samsung Electronics and its electronics affiliates are forward-deployed with personnel changes based on meritocracy and generational replacement principles.

Chung Ho-jin, head of the CE sales team in charge of Korea, is 49 years old. There were also many new executives in their early 40s, including Kim Min-woo (42), Managing Director of Sales Innovation Group at Wireless Business Department, Choi Hyun-ho (41), Managing Director of Organic Materials Lab at Advanced Institute of Technology, Noh Kang-ho (41), and Managing Director of Software Development Team at Memory Business Department (41).

Of the 16 executives promoted to Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., nine were in their 40s, while 12 new executives at Samsung SDS filled all of them with their 40s.

“While maintaining the three-member leadership system and stabilizing the basic organizational framework, some presidents and executives seem to be strengthening the system of Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong by changing the generation in large numbers,” a business source said.

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