What are the 11 best North London choices by local reporters

The British reporters’ view of Tottenham and Arsenal this season was no different.

Tottenham will play the 11th round of the 2020-21 season Premier League (EPL) against Arsenal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 7th (Korea time). The mood between the two teams was completely different ahead of the North London Derby. Tottenham, which has 21 points, is ranked first in the league and Arsenal, which has 13 points, is ranked 14th in the league.

Ahead of the North London Derby, five journalists working for the “Evening Standard” in the U.K. each selected Tottenham and Arsenal’s integrated best-ever. There were differences of opinion among journalists, but two things were certain. Son was chosen by all reporters, and not many reporters picked Arsenal.

Tottenham had the upper hand from the offensive. Son Heung-min and Kane chose all five reporters unanimously. The remaining one spot was mainly Arsenal’s boy, Buchayo Sakha, who received three votes, with many choices. Pierre Emerick Obameyang and Gareth Bale received one vote each.

It was the result of the selection of midfielders that showed the current mood between Tottenham and Arsenal. Three players were chosen for each reporter, and not a single reporter picked Arsenal. All reporters selected Pierre Emil Hoyvier and Tanggui Ndombele. The remaining one was mostly Giovanni and Selso was chosen. It was a subjective choice, but it was the result of informing the seriousness of the current Arsenal midfield.

The only thing Arsenal could put forward was defense. Gabriel Magalianis, who brought him this season, received five votes. Currently, Magalangs is the center back, but he ranks second in scoring with two goals. In Tottenham, Sergio Aurie, Eric Dyer, and Sergio Regillon were mainly selected, while Hugo Yoris was voted by all.

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