Say love The director who explained about his romantic relationship

Say love The director who explained about his romantic relationship with Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-kwang is suspicious


Lee Sung-kyung hurriedly explained the alleged romantic relationship with Kim Young-kwang.

Actor Lee Sung-kyung made the remarks in an interview with Sportv News at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, on the 10th, sharing various stories about Disney+ “Say Love.”

Regarding Kim Young-kwang, who worked together in “Say Love,” Lee Sung-kyung said, “Since we were close since we were young, we had a playful mood. However, in the drama, Kim Young-kwang said that he avoided me a lot to concentrate in the beginning.

He said, “When I meet him, I try to refrain from following him, and when he avoids me, I try to focus on the character and scene a lot,” adding, “I’m glad that I can focus on the situation well because I don’t play exciting and cheesy scenes.”

Lee Sung-kyung then said, “It was the hardest to produce a friendly scene in Hye-sung’s imagination,” adding, “The director of the kiss scene made a script and informed me in advance.” I was surprised, but it wasn’t difficult later because it was piled up more than the middle of the space eastward, he added.

The sweet chemistry between Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-kwang raised suspicions that the two were really dating. Lee Sung-kyung said, “Since the first and second parts were edited, the director has said, ‘There are many misunderstandings that the eyes you have in the editing room are suspicious,’ but I think he did it on purpose.” However, the director explained, “It can be because we only saw Han Dong-jin’s Shim Woo-ju, not our original appearance,” and thanked, “He made the work well so that we could film it better because the actors felt the response.”

“Say Love” depicts an emotional romance between a woman, “Universe,” who is curiously engaged in revenge, and a man, “Dongjin,” who is the target of revenge, and two men and women who should not have met

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