Shocked and sold even after making the recruiting Holan milestone

Shocked and sold even after making the recruiting Holan milestone


Manchester City’s “monster” striker Elling Holan (22) is likely to be sold. It was not the recruitment that coach Josep Guardiola (52, Spain) wanted, and it is reported that he is already paying attention to other strikers to replace him.

The British media ‘Football Transfer’ exclusively reported on the 31st (Korea Standard Time) that “Man City plans to sell Holan within a few years and replace Mukoko (18, Borussia Dortmund), a Yusufa who has been watching for more than a year.”

Manchester City reportedly don’t think of Holan as a long-term future. Since the first season, he has scored 42 goals in 37 games in all competitions, setting a new record for the most goals scored in a single season in the club’s history, but it is an “ironic” situation. However, the background is based on the claim that Guardiola did not lead the recruitment himself, but that Chiki Behirstein (58, Spain) brought it.

In particular, Guardiola prefers strikers of the same style as Sergio Aguero (34, Argentina), who he has been with in the past, considering his tactical characteristics, and Mukoko is more suitable than Holan

“Football Transfer” explained, “From Thierry Henry (45, France) to Jamie Carragher (45, England), commentators said Holan does not fit Guardiola’s preferred play style and seems to prefer the same type of striker as Mukoko.”

Manchester City spent 51.2 million pounds (about 82 billion won) when they recruited Holan, but they want at least 200 million pounds (about 320 billion won) for the sale. After that, he plans to bring Mukoko with the transfer fee he earned.

Mukoko is a “special” prospect who grew up in Borussia Dortmund youth. Having attracted attention by showing great potential since he was young, he made his professional debut in 2020 and is proving his expectations for him with his skills 토토 메이저사이트

In fact, Mukoko has scored 11 goals and 8 assists in 63 official matches so far. He may seem to have fewer offensive points compared to his appearance, but he has only started 19 games. On average, he scored one attack point per 104.6 minutes. In addition, he broke the record for the youngest score in the German Bundesliga (16 years and 28 days) and the record for the youngest debut in the UEFA Champions League (16 years and 87 days)

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