Song Yoon-ah

Song Yoon-ah’s first Vlog caught a 13-year-old child

Song Yoon-ah’s first Vlog caught a 13-year-old child Seol Kyung-gu’s voice appearance

Song Yoon-ah

Actor Song Yoon-ah challenged the vlog for the first time.

On the 14th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel “by PDC” under the title of “Making Tangerine Yangga with Beginner Vlogger.”

Song Yoon-ah, who challenged the vlog for the first time, had a hard time because she couldn’t get the camera angle right. I tried to install a camera on the table and set the angle, but when my face kept being cut off, he said, “My face comes out so weird.”

Seol Kyung-gu, who was eating at the table, said, “Tell him to change the camera.” Seol Kyung-gu did not appear in front of the camera, but he was welcomed with a surprise voice appearance. In addition, Song Yoon-ah’s son was captured on the screen. Song Yoon-ah’s son, who is 13 years old this year, couldn’t see his face because of the mosaic, but his reliable figure drew attention.

The next day, Song Yoon-ah came out to the yard in front of the house with a camera and introduced a distant tree that looked like a Christmas tree and a pretty flower garden. He said, “They gave me a camera to get used to the camera, but I don’t know what to take.” Anyway, I’m holding it like this to get close to the camera and get used to it, he said. “I don’t know what to talk about or what to put in the picture,” expressing that it’s difficult to film a Vlog.

Since then, Song Yoon-ah has started to make tangerine sweet red bean jelly to serve customers visiting “by PDC.” He said, “It was too bad to just give you tea, so I was wondering if there was anything I could give you simple snacks and desserts, and I looked for food that could be made with tangerines. Then, he said, “It was Yanggaeng that was not the most difficult and could be made in a short period of time,” adding, “I’m going to make it with only 10 tangerines today.”

Song Yoon-ah said, “I hope it will taste good,” and worked hard to make tangerine sweet red bean jelly according to the recipe. But a few hours later, he appeared disappointed and said, “I was surprised when I tasted it. I feel like my stomach is fluttering. I failed. So I tasted it and didn’t set it up. I failed and ate pork belly,” he sighed.

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