Snowy Arsenal training ground, stunningly dressed Tearney

Snowy Arsenal training ground, stunningly dressed Tearney.


There was heavy snow in London, England. However, Tierney did not care about the cold weather 토토놀이터

Arsenal unveiled Kieran Tierney and Dani Sevayos, who appeared at the training ground on SNS on the 25th (Korean time).

“No matter what the weather was, Tierney and Sevayos participated in the training at the snowy training ground,” Arsenal posted a photo of the two.

Snow storms hit London and other parts of the country on Monday due to the influence of the Arctic and Iceland. London is expected to see six inches of snow on Saturday.

Sevayos wore shorts with a training jacket. What was more surprising was Tierney. Tierney appeared wearing short-sleeved shorts and stockings even in snowy weather.

Tierney is famous for always sticking to short sleeves and shorts even though he plays in harsh weather.

Tierney played full-time with short-sleeved shorts and even scored in the last 17th round of West Bromwich Albion away game in the Premier League amid snow.

Tierney is from Scotland and was signed for the 2019/20 summer transfer market. Tierney, who grew up in Celtic in the Scottish Premier League, stuck to short-sleeved shorts in the winter.

Scotland’s Glasgow, Celtic’s hometown, has a winter average low of minus 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, about 10 degrees lower than England’s Rundeot.

“Tearney, who made his debut in the first division in the 2014/15 season and has been a full-back for Celtic since the 2015/16 season, has recorded 37 assists in 170 games and eight games in four seasons at Celtic.”

Local Arsenal fans also responded with surprising comments. One fan said, “You look like a Scotsman,” while another said, “Why does Tierney wear only half stockings every time it snows?”

Another fan said, “Tierney is the coldest soccer player in the world,” while another fan said, “Outdoor training in such weather can cause injuries.” “I want you to ride a bicycle indoors,” he said.

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