Song Jia

Song Jia looks like Suzy, but she dances well JYP

Song Jia looks like Suzy, but she dances well JYP will regret it after hitting the ground

Song Jia

Actress Park Yeon-soo’s daughter Song Ji-ah shared a fresh update.

Song Ji-ah posted on her Instagram on the 23rd, “You’re pretty good at copying me.” I found a reel that fits me perfectly,” he posted a video with the message.

In the released video, Song Ji-ah is dancing on the beach with her younger brother Song Ji-wook. It attracts attention by showing off its perfect teamwork as if it had been practiced in advance. Park Yeon-soo expressed affection for the brother and sister, saying, “They are lovely.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah, born in 2007, was born in 2013 on MBC’s entertainment show “Daddy!” He was loved for appearing on “Where Are You Going?” Since then, he has made headlines for appearing on an entertainment program and revealing the story of receiving a love call from JYP Entertainment. I am currently preparing to be a professional golfer

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