Special Closing Heather Kim Ha-sung becomes a colleague

Special Closing Heather Kim Ha-sung becomes a colleague. Four SD superpowers shot a package generously


San Diego, who has not given up his dream of challenging for the presidency, has won a powerful card to quell the team’s bullpen anxiety. He succeeded in recruiting left-hander Josh Hayder (28), reinforcing the back door.

U.S. media reported on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time) that San Diego recruited All-Star closer Hayder through a trade with Milwaukee. Hayder was added to erase the team’s anxiety at the risk of quite a lot of bleeding.

San Diego signed a five-year, $100 million contract extension with Joe Musglove, and even recruited Hayder.

San Diego gave up a total of four players, including left-hander Tyler Rogers and right-hander Dinelson Lamet, as well as left-hander Robert Gaeseo and outfielder Esterley Lewis, to get Hader.

It is a four-person package that immediately combines power and the future well. The prevailing assessment is that Milwaukee is also not a losing business.

Rogers showed signs of instability this year, but he still recorded 28 saves at the end of the team. No matter which team you go to right now, you can play a role as a left-handed bullpen. Lamet is a starting resource that San Diego once had high expectations for. Although he was pushed out due to injury, he is still a player who can expect a rebound.

Lewis is also an impressive prospect in the Major League this year and is recognized for his good potential in the opening season. For Milwaukee, it can be interpreted that they paid attention to these two promising players rather than Rogers and Lamet.

However, expectations are high in San Diego. Hayder was not a player who could be brought with such a card until the offseason last winter. The player’s value was somewhat lowered due to sluggishness this season, and Milwaukee’s willingness to sell ahead of the FA became stronger, so he was able to get it.

Hayder made his major league debut in Milwaukee in 2017 and is recognized as a special left-handed bullpen representing the league. He made 125 saves in his career and made 29 saves in 37 games this year 파워볼사이트

Compared to the perfect start of the season, it has been shaken a lot recently and has caused anxiety, but it was an unbearable charm for San Diego, who is suffering from poor bullpen conditions. Hayder’s career ERA is only 2.48 and he is eligible for FA at the end of the 2023 season, with one and a half years remaining in service time. It’s a stone’s throw from next year

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