Let’s call KYUNG HO’s nickname wrong

Let’s call KYUNG HO’s nickname wrong What’s wrong with the typo?


Members of the group Girls’ Generation showed off their strong friendship.

Sooyoung released part of the chat room on August 1 by tagging its member Yuri on her personal SNS.

Yuri asked, “Xiang,” “Syung-ah,” and “What’s your favorite song in this album?” and Sooyoung burst into laughter, “What’s Xiang?” It should be referred to as “Syung” in short of “Swimming,” but there was a typo.

In this regard, Sooyoung reacts with her real friend, saying, “What’s wrong with the typo?” drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Choi Soo-young, who debuted as the group Girls’ Generation in 2007, recently appeared in JTBC’s “Run On” and the web drama “So I Married Anti-Fan.”

Sooyoung chose the new drama ‘When You Say Your Wish’ as her next movie. “When You Say Your Wish” is a work inspired by an actual foundation that grants the last wishes of late Dutch cancer patients.

Also, he has been in a public relationship with actor Jung Kyung-ho for nine years.

Girls’ Generation, which includes Sooyoung, will release its seventh full-length album “FOREVER 1” through each music site at 6 p.m. on the 5th

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