How to get pregnant early (35 years old, Down syndrome)

How to get pregnant early (35 years old, Down syndrome)


The birth rate has dropped a lot, but there are a lot of married people who want to have a baby But our marriage age keeps going up The older you get, the less likely you are to get pregnant If you’re older, you’re more likely to have a baby. For example, Down’s syndrome or chromosome cute, there are cases where you’re older than your mom or dad She’s only 35 years old, because when she’s over 35, there’s a big increase in the probability of her next order

If you’re not married because of that anxiety, you want to have a baby and proceed If you have a precise period, your ovulation will be constant. So, you can predict when you’re going to ovulate So, you may know that there’s a high possibility that pregnancy can survive at some point. But for people with irregular periods, Seunghee says that sometimes I go back and forth on the 28th. Sometimes, ovulation isn’t constant

There might be two cycles where you don’t ovulate at all. In that case, you have to set the date of ovulation You have to check if it ovulates or not There’s a common batterer that we use Ovulation test gear. That’s the way it smells What it means is, when will it ovulate? It’s not a way to predict. It’s a way to check how it’s done when it’s ovulated So when we predict when we’re going to ovulate, we look at the ovulation ultrasound. A few days after that period, it depends on the stem Usually, I start to see it between the 11th and the 12th, and if you have a normal cycle of 28th and 31st weeks, then I’m a little bit precious, and I’m a little bit of a Nanpo in the Air Force

Look for a big password. Look for it and it’s going to come up with how it grows So, I can tell you that it’s 1.5cm and then 1.7cm and 2cm, and that it’s going to ovulate on this day So, you have to keep going. Because it’s not exactly the same speed. So if you go 1.5cm and then look at it next time, it becomes 1.8cm. Sometimes it becomes a certain cm. When you ovulate, the timing can change So to see the speed, I usually take it twice or three times and watch it every day or two But with all that, it’s always ovulation I’ll hold it for you. I recommend that you do it

The day before ovulation day, the day after ovulation day. The reason I’m late for this interval is because if you’re in a relationship too often, the sperm count that’s released, guys, the quality itself might not be very good So, before we do that, it turns out that it’s better to do it at intervals than abstain for three days or too often, and have a better chance of doing it too often So I recommend that you do that. If you’re ovulating well, you can keep trying that way. If you do that, there won’t be any problem, but I’ve been involved in the cycle with that ovulation day. But the chance of pregnancy is over

In some normal areas, there’s a 30 percent chance that we’ll get pregnant when there’s no problem When we were trying to get contraception, we were worried about becoming Kim Shin, but when we tried to get pregnant, we knew better than we thought, so there are times when we get the results It’s because the probability is not high. You don’t have to despair because I tried it once. It’s not 670%. Even if it’s not a problem, you try it. I’ve tried it three or four times. But when you’re using it, it’s good to check your husband’s cooking

When you come to the obstetrics and gynecology department, we do a non-examination and ultrasound examination So, I’m going to make sure there’s no problem with all of those things and start the money, so I think it’s better to do that invasive test a little later when there’s a problem. What kind of things do women have on the men’s side? They might have fewer electrons. You’ve heard of anaesthesia It’s not that I don’t have anaesthesia at all. If it’s lower than any other number, it’s also diagnosed as anaesthesia But the number of electrons was good. When I used it for promotions, I didn’t know if it was too small. Even if it wasn’t moving, they didn’t have the power to go up So you have to go inside the grab and move to the fallopian tube state, but those that don’t recognize it well In that case, the weak point is that you need to help right away 강남풀싸롱

There are a lot of people who don’t have their period when they’re not in good condition It’s better to keep yourself in good condition to make you go back to normal. Unnecessary stress. I need to leave my son. I need to recognize him quickly. Why can’t I? Why can’t I? It’s a bit hard for those who can’t That’s why everyone is like that I was a test tube baby 5 times, but I couldn’t do it, but I got a natural pregnancy after 3 months of rest There are a lot of people like this So, I don’t have any special reason but I can’t get pregnant Then I’m in a hurry. Think about it So, if you feel comfortable, there are many times when it goes well Look on the bright side and hope you can get pregnant like that. Thank you

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