Stretching is the answer to pain in the neck and shoulders

Stretching is the answer to pain in the neck and shoulders.


Muscle Relaxer’ Stretching

Stretching is the basis of all exercise. It is not intense, but it gently pulls and stretches the clumped muscles to prevent skeletons from being twisted. It is located at the innermost part of the body and strengthens the inner muscles that hold the movement of the spine and joints, turning them into healthy, long-lasting bodies. It also balances the left and right sides of the twisted body. If you feel stiff and sore when you move your neck and back, it is a sign that you need to stretch to relax tense muscles 시알리스구입

Stretching is an activity that maximizes the efficiency of various body movements that move the body. Just twisting your arms and legs and stretching them out naturally gives you energy. The effect of stretching is more than a light warm-up. The length of the anatomically shortened muscle fiber is intentionally increased to restore muscle flexibility. As the stiff body becomes softer, the ability to perform exercise increases. It is also positive for relieving pain caused by stiffening muscles. Yoon Seung-hyun, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at Ajou University Hospital, said, “Stretching alone can effectively alleviate the pain that can worsen due to muscle damage.”

joint rigidity and pain connected to stiff muscles

Why does it cause pain when muscles are tense? The cause is overuse. Kim Dong-hwan, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at Gangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital, said, “If you stay in the same position for a few hours, your muscles stiffen while using the same muscles excessively repeatedly.” A typical example is working in a chair all day long or looking at smartphone and computer screens with a neck out. Although he is not aware of himself, his body muscles such as neck, shoulders, waist, and wrists are excessively contracted and tense in one direction.

When the muscles are stiff, the rotation of the joints connected to the muscles is limited, reducing the range of movement of the body. If the neck and shoulder muscles are severely stiff, it will be difficult to lift the arms up to the head. As it is difficult to move due to lack of flexibility in the body, the vicious cycle of muscle hardening is repeated. Muscle clumps also cause severe pain, which makes daily life passive. Repeat ‘muscle clumps → pain intensified → body movement restriction → muscle clumps in wider areas’.

Stretching breaks this vicious cycle. “Stretching improves physical activity by expanding the body’s major joints such as the spine, shoulders, and pelvis, which are the center axis of the body, and the radius of action of muscles that support it,” said Sung Bong-joo, a senior researcher at the Korea Institute of Physical Science. There is also research that supports this. According to a 2015 paper published in the Journal of the Korean Society for Social Sports, stretching twice a week for eight months for seniors over the age of 80 improved overall stamina, including flexibility of shoulder joints and aerobic endurance. The flexibility of shoulder joints was measured by one hand above the shoulder and the other hand below the shoulder, facing the hand behind the back, and then measuring the distance based on the finger. The higher the flexibility, the shorter the distance between the hands. As a result, the flexibility of shoulder joints improved from 21.57cm before stretching to 17.76cm four months later and 16.53cm eight months later. This means that the range of operation that moves shoulder joints has increased. Aerobic endurance, which raises knees and arms 90 degrees in place for 30 seconds, also improved from 16.84 to 23.23 times eight months later.

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