The 40-year-old drug lord who chose to be released from

The 40-year-old drug lord who chose to be released from the minors is now retiring


Robinson Cano (40), the second baseman of the “8th All-Star” who was shocked by the revelation of taking two banned drugs, is on the verge of retirement.

The San Diego Padres said on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time) that Cano did not go down to Triple-A El Paso and qualified for the FA. It’s actually a release. San Diego called outfielder Norma Mazara to the spot where Kano was away.

This ended the three-week trip between Cano and San Diego. San Diego recruited Kano, who was released from the New York Mets, on the 14th of last month. Although the infield is abundant, he decided to scratch the experienced “Kano Lottery” in order to reinforce left-handed batters.

The result was disastrous. Cano played in 12 games (8 starts) for San Diego, but was extremely sluggish with a .118 slugging percentage of .091 OPS.209 with three hits in 33 at-bats, an RBI, one walk, and 10 strikeouts. All three hits were single hits and zero long hits.

Following the Mets and San Diego, Cano, who was released twice in two months, is now on the verge of retirement. Cano, who took a full year off last year due to aggravated punishment for the second detection of banned drugs, has repeatedly fallen due to the aging curve at the age of immortality

CBS Sports of the U.S. is likely to be its last appearance in the Major League, reporting the news of Kano. I got a second chance in San Diego, but it got worse. It’s been a long time since I played as a useful defender, and the value of the bat has disappeared. It’s time to finish,’ he said, urging his retirement.

Cano, who made his debut with the New York Yankees in 2005, was a top second baseman in the major leagues. He has a batting average of .315 hits, 335 home runs, 1306 RBIs, and OPS.840 in 2,257 games in 17 seasons, boasting a brilliant career of eight All-Star, five Silver Sluggers and two Gold Gloves 토토사이트

He won the World Series with the Yankees in 2009, and after the 2013 season, he won a big money with a 10-year $240 million FA contract with the Seattle Mariners. However, he was found to have taken banned drugs twice in Seattle in 2018 and the Mets last year, damaging his Hall of Fame-level career

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