You’re so pretty Lee Hyori Lee Sangsoon, Seoul Outing

You’re so pretty Lee Hyori Lee Sangsoon, Seoul Outing Seoul Check-in


Lee Hyo-ri will open the door of “Seoul Check-in” Part 2 with a happy Seoul date with Lee Sang-soon and a special birthday party with Hong Hyun-hee and Jason.

In the seventh episode of the TVing original “Seoul Check-in” (directed by Kim Tae-ho, Kim Hoon-beom, Kang Ryung-mi/writer Choi Hye-jung/provided TVING), which will be released on the 3rd, Lee Hyo-ri enjoys an exciting Seoul date with her husband Lee Sang-soon.

On this day, Lee Hyo-ri visits an Oyster bar in Gangnam, Seoul, to meet someone she is happy to see. The person who appeared after waiting is Lee Sang-soon, her husband who she met after finishing their schedules in Seoul, and she appears with a bouquet of flowers, showing off her romantic side to Lee Hyo-ri, saying, “You’re so pretty today.” Lee Hyo-ri properly shows the chemistry of the real-life couple, such as not being able to hold back her laughter at her husband’s cute praise.

The reason why they met in Seoul is to be invited to the house of Hong Hyun-hee and Jason, who recently moved, and for the couple to check in together. Hong Hyun-hee and Jason, who welcomed the Lee Hyo-ri couple by singing from the moment the door opened, are filled with true fans and double their emotions by having a joint birthday party between Lee Hyo-ri and Hong Hyun-hee on May 10.

In particular, Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Sang-soon, Hong Hyun-hee and Jason, the representative lovers of the entertainment industry, are said to share possible conversation topics and empathy talks on marriage because they are a couple’s meeting, drawing keen attention.

In addition, the poster released shows a picture of Lee Hyo-ri’s new Seoul story at a glance, which marks the beginning of Part 2. In addition to the happy birthday party with the “Hong-Bun couple,” some still cuts that make people look forward to Lee Hyo-ri and AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk’s music work were released, raising expectations for their soon-to-be-veiled “Free Smile” project.

Episode 7 of the original TVing “Seoul Check-in,” which will feature a pleasant chemistry with the meeting of the entertainment industry’s representative wannabe couples, will be released on TV on the 3rd

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