Brawiner wins

The Brawiner wins Manchester City for up to three weeks Red light

The Brawiner wins Manchester City for up to three weeks. Red light.

Brawiner wins

A red light came on Manchester City’s challenge to win as key midfielder Kevin DeBrawiner left the line due to injury 토토꽁머니

The Brawiner was replaced by Gabriel Jezuse in the 14th minute of the second half against Aston Villa on the 20th (Korea time).

After the game, Pep Guardiola said, “I hope it’s a bruise,” but the examination showed a hamstring injury. The British media mirror reported on the 22nd that at least 14 to 21 days are needed to return.

In 17 league matches this season, DeBrawiner led Manchester City to the lead with three goals and 10 assists.

Mirrors predicted that if The Brawiner leaves the team for three weeks, he will be missing the match against West Bromwich, Sheffield United, and Burnley. It is three games in which Manchester City expects nine points, the maximum winning point.

However, if scheduled, he can return to the game against Liverpool on the 8th of next month and Tottenham on the 14th. It is a showdown between the two teams competing for the championship.

Considering the fact that the Manchester Derby is not long away and that Mönchengladbach and the Champions League round of 16 is at the end of next month, Manchester City are fortunate.

Mirror analyzed that Manchester City showed the firepower to beat most of the teams without him, saying that both goals came after Debraweener was missing in the match against Aston Villa.

Manchester City also lost Sergio Aguero (32) to the team. Aguero has been confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus. He was scheduled to start in the third round of the FA Cup with Birmingham City on the 10th, but was in self-isolation after close contact with the contact.

Manchester City beat Aston Villa 4–0 to move them to second place in the league with 38 points. The difference between Manchester United and Manchester United, who have played one more game, is two points.

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