Ha Jae-sook

Losing 24kg, Ha Jae-sook, high-level Pilates

Losing 24kg, Ha Jae-sook, high-level Pilates, perfect digestive muscle, I’m the best.

Ha Jae-sook

Actor Ha Jae-sook showed off her extraordinary flexibility.

On the 18th, Ha Jae-sook said on her Instagram, “Philates was an exercise that required a lot of muscle strength. I have a lot of muscles. Cheer up, legs.Today, she posted a photo with a smile on her face, saying, “My teacher makes me do everything I need.”

The photo shows Ha Jae-sook flexibly digesting high-level Pilates moves.

Earlier, Ha Jae-sook drew attention when it was revealed that she lost 24 kilograms during the filming of the drama “Perfume” in 2019. Along with Pilates, she steadily manages her body, and her sleeker appearance catches the eye.

Ha Jae-sook will appear in KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama “Okay Photoshop Sisters,” which is scheduled to air in March.

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