When to match the efficacy of acupuncture

When to match the efficacy of acupuncture


Acupressure is the channel of blood donation in our bodies and the ‘path of consciousness 비아그라효능

In our bodies, we have meridian systems that connect the inside and outside of the human body, up and down, and link the bookkeeping organ. If the meridian is blocked, the blood pressure will not work smoothly and the internal books will not be delivered properly, which will lead to illness.

the effect of acupuncture

It stimulates the meridians and helps the blood circulation.

1. Good energy is delivered to my sore area to help me with weakness, and to relieve the blockage to recover.

2. Restores the body’s physiological function.

“An early bird (God, the body’s energy is controlled to control the spirit (life force).”based on the principle of , the energy popularity that causes life phenomena

Restores the physiological function of the body by governing.

3. Allow the body to recover itself.

4. It has excellent immediate pain effects for various sprains (muscles or ligaments) and pain.

That’s when saliva happens!

Back pain, shoulder pain, musculoskeletal disease, headache, menstrual pain, rhinitis, degenerative arthritis, neck/waist disc, facial paralysis, insomnia, self-neuropathy, depression,

Panic disorder, dry eye, cold, acute inflammation, fatigue recovery, hangover, etc.

The effectiveness of these stings has already been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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