The Japanese version of “Yu Hee-gwan” can be overwhelmed by 120km

The Japanese version of “Yu Hee-gwan” can be overwhelmed by 120 kilometers.


The Softbank Hawks, which won the combined championship last year, have many pitchers who are especially fast-paced.

Many pitchers, including Senga, who shot up to 160 kilometers, throw an average speed ball of 150 kilometers fx게임

Gotaro Otake is one of the most notable players among them. This is because he is competing to be selected due to his arrest less than 140 kilometers.

Otake took the mound in the fifth inning of the practice game against Chiba Lotte on Saturday and blocked three innings without losing a point. He had two hits, but it was not dangerous. His fast ball speed was 136 kilometers, but he also overwhelmed his opponent’s batter.

“When I was pitching yesterday, the coach talked about rhythm and timing, so I thought about throwing it in a good tempo. “I thought the tempo was more important than how to do the form.

During the last season, Ootake had a period when he aimed to upgrade his restraints. However, the current idea is quite the opposite. “Fastball speed is not something anyone can do. If you are too conscious of that part, you will have a strange power. “If you make a wrong turn, it will become 140 kilometers, which is easy to meet the timing,” he said. “I will insist on the ball rather than restraining myself.”

He is determined to give up his “greed” to arrest and challenge himself this season. “There’s never been a game that I’ve tried to arrest. Constraint doesn’t mean you’re caught. Even a few kilometers is fine if you can plug it in. Even if it’s 120 kilometers, it’s obvious that the batter is surprised, “Wow, you’re here.” I want to have that sense. “There is no goal for the arrest.

A living ball that can overwhelm batters even at 120 kilometers. The power of pitches that cannot be measured by restraint alone. A pitcher who can win without being fast and a pitcher who can control.As such a pitcher, Otake is competing with the goal of entering the opening rotation.

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