Mookie Betts

The next move is to sign a mega deal like the Los Angeles Dodgers

The next move is to sign a mega deal like the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mookie Betts.

Mookie Betts

The New York Mets blockbuster trade shook the Eastern District of the National League. The Atlanta Braves, who are aiming to win the earth championship for the fourth consecutive year, are also in a state of tension.

The Mets took shortstop Francisco Lindorr and starter Carlso Carrasco at the same time to create a playoff power. What is the next step for Steve Cohen, who has nothing but money? Experts plan to recruit free agent outfielder George Springer to win the World Series 안전공원

The trade is the largest for the Mets since May 1998 when the Florida Marlins and catcher Mike Piazza. Piazza played eight years after the Mets trade, advancing the team to the World Series, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016. He chose the Mets hat, putting aside the Los Angeles Dodgers that designated him.

Lindor’s next move is a long-term contract with Mookie Betts. Lindorr is eligible for annual salary adjustment in 2021. It was $17.5 million in 2020. It should be raised unconditionally, so it will exceed 20 million dollars. Metz is not a salary adjustment negotiation, but a long-term contract. The reason behind Cleveland’s deal with the Mets is that it had long-term contracts in mind. High-end shortstop like Lindor can be handled by a big-market club when it becomes a free agent.

The Los Angeles Dodgers traded outfielder Mookie Betts to the Boston Red Sox in February last year. In 2020, the annual salary was $27 million in salary adjustment applications, and the Dodgers signed a 12-year, long-term contract of $365 million a day before the season began in July. It’s a life-long contract since it’s up to 40 years of 40. The club even looked to Betts for the Hall of Fame.

Of course, the total is expected to be lower than Betts. Betts leads Lindor in MVP and award-winning careers. However, Lindor also has more than $200 million, and 300 million dollars is possible. He won the 2016 American League Platinum Glove as a special shortstop who played Gong. This award is given to the best defender. Mets infield defense is below average. Her favorite character is Ace Jacob DeGrom.

Alex Rodriguez is the seventh batter to hit more than 30 home runs in the season as a shortstop. The second place is the legendary “Mr. Cubs” Ernie Banks five times, third place Miguel Tehada four times, and fourth place Lindore three times. The result was achieved in six seasons. Rodriguez and Terha are suspected of taking drugs.

Experts expect the team to announce a mega deal around the 16th when it will exchange the annual salary and demand of the player.

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