The best salary ever given to Sugano who chose to stay in Yomiuri

The best salary ever given to Sugano who chose to stay in Yomiuri.


Tomoyuki Sugano, who gave up his major league career and chose to stay with the Yomiuri Giants, is expected to receive the highest salary ever.

The U.S. and Japanese media reported on the failure of Sugano’s posting on the morning of the 8th. Several clubs, including the Toronto Blue Jays, the San Francisco Giants, the Boston Red Sox, and the San Diego Padres, negotiated to catch Sugano, but Sugano eventually decided to give up his major league career and stay in Yomiuri 파워볼사이트

In the aftermath of Corona 19, Major League teams with poor pockets failed to present conditions to Sugano’s satisfaction, and Yomiuri’s proposal for a four-year contract seems to have led him to decide Sugano’s mind.

Yomiuri allowed Sugano to post but did not want to send it. He needed ace Sugano to win the Japan Series. According to Japanese media, Yomiuri offered Sugano a condition that he could challenge the Major League every year for more than 3 billion yen for four years.

“Sugano’s annual salary is expected to reach $8 million,” Ken Rosenthal said. As Rosental predicted, if Sugano’s annual salary is around $8 million, it will be the highest-ever annual salary in Japan’s professional baseball league, exceeding the 720 million yen that Petazini received in 2004.

For Sugano, it is highly likely that Major League teams did not offer conditions that differed on Yomiuri’s proposal and that he did not have to go to the Major League when he was unsure whether the Major League would be held normally with Corona 19.

Even if you can enter the Major League whenever you want, considering the age of Sugano, who was born in 1989 and is 32 years old this year, it may not be easy to enter the Major League in the future. It is highly likely that Sugano will remain in Yomiuri.

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