With Lindor & Carrasco’s Recruiting Metz Springer, we’re at the peak

With Lindor & Carrasco’s Recruiting Metz Springer, we’re at the peak of a large reinforcement firestorm?


The New York Mets emerged as the main character of the offseason at once as they made a large trade 토토사이트

Major League Baseball official said on the 8th (Korea time), “The Mets, led by new owner Steve Cohen, retained Marcus Stroman as a qualifying offer (18.9 million dollars per year) and recruited catcher James McCann (44 million dollars in 4 years) and bullpen pitcher Trevor May (15.5 million dollars in 2 years). And this time, he made a big trade. This could happen again.

The Mets acquired shortstop Francisco Lindorr and starter Carlos Carrasco through a two-to-four trade with Cleveland. Lindor is only a year away from the FA, but he is one of the major league shortstop, and Karasco is a starter who plays solidly.

The Mets, which immediately increased their power with the recruitment of Lindor and Carrasco, still left open the possibility of recruiting outfielder George Springer, the largest outfielder in the FA.

“Even after recruiting Lindor and Carrasco, the Mets did not rule out Springer. Currently, the closest teams to signing Springer are the Mets and Toronto. “We’re always hungry,” Sandy Alderson said, hinting at the possibility of additional Mets recruitment.

With the trade, the Mets’ team Payroll rose more than $30 million. In addition, there is a possibility of an extension contract with Lindor. However, the Mets are not expected to stop investing further investments.

According to FanGraph, a U.S. baseball statistics website, Mets can afford 32 million dollars until luxury tax of 210 million dollars. “The luxury tax standard is definitely an important boundary,” Alderson said. But I don`t want to say it`s a line that can never be crossed.

The Mets are also considering signing Jackie Bradley Jr. Bradley Jr. is a defensive center fielder who is expected to have a much cheaper contract than Springer.

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