TMZ Takeoff

TMZ criticizes news such as photos of rapper Takeoff’s body

TMZ criticizes news such as photos of rapper Takeoff‘s body

TMZ Takeoff

“Would white country artists do it the same way?” Or wouldn’t they have a little more respect?”

A 28-year-old rapper from Migos was shot dead in Houston, Texas, on the 1st (local time), and writer-rapper Kardens Weapon wrote about a video posted by entertainment media TMZ showing his body dead and the criminal firing a gun.

Human rights lawyer Sherylin Epil directly hit TMZ, saying, “No human being or their family member is entitled to release photos of the crime scene to the world like I have seen.” There are also complaints asking for the video to be downloaded.

According to Houston police, Takeoff attended a party at a bowling alley at around 2:40 a.m. and was shot and killed immediately at the scene. Through a briefing, the police said that there is no possibility that the take-off was involved in a criminal act, but that the shooting was not an accidental incident and started to track down the criminal who ran away. Police Chief Troy Pinner said at least two people were shot at a party attended by at least 40 people and asked for active reports from witnesses.

Another member of the trio Migos, Quaybo, was at the scene of the incident with the take-off, but was not injured. It was confirmed that the rest of the members offset did not attend the party.

The Associated Press assessed that Takeoff was the youngest of Migos’ three members and that his personal activities were not prominent compared to Hip Hop Star Offset and Quaybo, but Takeoff’s musical presence played a major role in making Migos a popular hip-hop group.

Migos topped the Billboard singles chart and album charts several times, while the 2017 album “Culture” and the album “Bad and Site” were nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance, respectively.

However, TMZ revealed the identity of Kobe’s father and daughter even before notifying their families when nine people, including NBA star Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna, died in a helicopter crash in 2020. Alex Villanueva, then a Los Angeles County Sheriff, denounced the report as entirely inappropriate.

Not long ago, Jerry Lee Lewis, who opened the golden age of the rock and roll era, made a false report that he died. Of course, Lewis died on the 28th of last month, but the media mistakenly reported that he died a few days earlier.

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