Antonio Conte

Tottenham, who ruled in favor of Antonio Conte…

Tottenham, who ruled in favor of Antonio Conte, will bring in DF-MF-FW immediately in January

Antonio Conte
Tottenham gives head coach Antonio Conte the power.

The Times reported on the 09th that “Tottenham will recruit players as requested by Conte in the January transfer market.” Whenever he had a chance, Conte stressed, “Tottenham needs to be recruited to perform better.” He made a massive recruitment this summer, but he seems to be not satisfied yet. Tottenham seem to be cruising early, but their performance is not satisfactory.

In the end, Tottenham seems to be in favor of coach Conte. Conte, who is seeking the championship, wants to recruit central defenders, midfielders and strikers. In fact, he wants to reinforce his entire position. However, there are conditions. It should be an immediate sense of power to enter the best 11. Tottenham’s management believes that Tottenham can afford to invest as it has succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 in the European Champions League.

The first-ranked defender is Alexandro Bastoni, who Conte has wanted to recruit since the summer. He has been a favorite student since his time in Inter Milan. The midfielder is mentioned as Juventus’ Western McKenney. The striker is Anthony Gordon, who has recently been rapidly approaching. Gordon is in a difficult situation due to Everton’s stubborn resistance, but the situation can be different if Tottenham make a large bet like when recruiting Hisalisson.

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