Two-year, $8.5 million, two-year, Otani, background of the two-year

Two-year, $8.5 million, two-year, Otani, background of the two-year, eight-and-a-half-million deal.


“We think Otani can help the team at bat again on the mound.”

The Los Angeles Angels have reached a dramatic agreement with Shohei Otani, 27, ahead of salary adjustment. The Major League website announced on the 9th (Korean time) that “the Angels and Otani agreed to a two-year, $8.5 million contract, avoiding the adjustment of salaries.”

Otani failed to narrow the gap with the Angels until April 16 and applied for a salary adjustment. Otani asked for $3.3 million, and the Angels offered $2.5 million. Amid a quite big disagreement of $800,000, the Angels reached an agreement when they offered Otani a two-year contract before the salary adjustment committee was held. Otani will be eligible for one more salary adjustment in the 2023 season, and will be a FA after the 2023 season.

Angels manager Perry Minasian said he had no choice but to offer Otani a multi-year contract if he wanted to avoid salary adjustment. “The Otani is a unique case, so I thought a one-year contract would not be enough,” Minasian said. There were not many cases like Otani, so we talked more and talked about a multi-year contract, and we agreed to two years. Risk and reward coexist, but we and Otani were both convinced. “I’m glad we finished the contract well 토토사이트

Otani’s agent said, “I think the two-year contract gives both the team and the players a great sense of security. We hope the player feels stable. I don’t always think about money and transactions. We work to provide a sense of stability so that Otani, who we know, can go out and show performances (in the game). “That’s why it was such an important factor.

The club expects Otani to work as both a pitcher this year. However, he injured his elbow in just two games last year and spent the rest of the season as a batter. His batting performance last year was 0.190 batting average, 0.291 on-base percentage, 0.366, 7 home runs, and 24 RBIs in 44 games as a designated hitter. In his two appearances, he only allowed seven runs in 1£ innings.

Otani won the American League Rookie of the Year in his debut season in 2018, with outstanding performances by both pitching and hitting. His batting performance was 0.285/0.361/0.564, 22 home runs and 61 RBIs in 104 games, and his ERA was 3.31 in 10 games he started. However, he underwent Tommy John surgery after the first season, and has not played properly as a pitcher since 2019.

But Angelson seems to be trying to be fooled again. Otani is expected to get another chance as a batter and businessman this year, according to the media. If an injury occurs during the pitching process one more time, he/she may be completely converted to a batter. But the club is optimistic that Otani will come back healthy this year.’ The season plan is similar to that of 2018 and 2020. Otani is playing three to four games as a designated hitter once a week.

“Everything looks good mentally and physically,” Minasian said. Combined with Otani’s talent, he will be a very big part of our team and help us win the game in various ways. “We think he’s a different type of player.

“We think Otani will help both on the mound and at bat. Otani said, “I will get every chance I can, and I will enjoy it.”

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