Uhm Jung-hwa

Uhm Jung-hwa, JIMFF, Face of the Year. Happy and honored

Uhm Jung-hwa, JIMFF, Face of the Year. Happy and honored.

Uhm Jung-hwa

Actor and singer Uhm Jung-hwa expressed her joy at being selected as “JIMFFACE,” the person of the year at the Jecheon International Music Film Festival (JIMFF).

On the 21st, it was revealed that Uhm Jung-hwa was selected as the first “Zim Face” amid a press conference at the 17th Jecheon International Music Film Festival online 광주호빠

Cho Sung-woo, chairman of the executive committee, said, “We newly established ‘Jim Face’ this year, and we made it to pick a face that symbolizes the festival and give it the best honor and honor that our film festival can give.”

“Gymface was established to strengthen its identity as a music film festival and selected the person who had the best influence in the film and music field, but this time, we selected Uhm Jung-hwa.”

“I am happy and honored to be selected as Jim Face,” Uhm said in a video released on the same day. “Jecheon is my hometown, and I’m so happy, nervous, and excited to finally screen six of my works,” he said. “It’s so hard because of Corona 19, but I hope you come to the festival and get energy and energy.” Come to the festival, where there are many music, movies and nature, and watch many good works, and see me, too,” he encouraged the audience to visit.

The 17th Jecheon International Music Film Festival will be held in Jecheon from August 12 to August 17 along with the catchphrase “Movie in Water, Cheating Music” and the slogan “BE JOYFUL.” A total of 116 films from 25 countries will be screened, and more than 12 teams will also perform music.

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