Park Kyu-hyun

Park Kyu-hyun, who prepares hard for joining Bremen

Park Kyu-hyun, who prepares hard for joining Bremen, is a machine.

Park Kyu-hyun

Park Kyu-hyun (20), who signed a formal contract with German Bundesliga 2 Werder Bremen, is preparing for success on the German stage based on thorough self-management and confidence.

Park Kyu-hyun graduated from Hyundai High School in Ulsan, K-League 1. In 2018, Korea and Germany played well in the U-17 national team exchange match, which caught Bremen’s eye and signed a two-year lease. During the next two seasons, he succeeded in winning the official contract after winning the hearts of Bremen officials with his steady performance, including 1 help in 14 games and 1 help in 11 games in the U-19 second division.

Park Kyu-hyun is fluent in German and has no problem communicating. He is good enough to share jokes with club officials he has known since his youth team. He has already joined the pre-season first-team training and started a friendly match against Feyenoord, brightening his prospects for the new season.

News 1 interviewed Park Kyu-hyun, who is busy preparing for the new season in Germany.

Park Kyu-hyun started studying German when he joined the Bremen Youth team. This is because it is necessary to learn languages in order to succeed on the European stage in the future.

Park Kyu-hyun said, “Based on the English I learned in Korea, I took an English class.” It was hard, but I thought that language should be possible so that we can proceed next.

Diet management is also thorough. “Except for club house meals, I only eat shakes, eggs, salmon, and oatmeal at home,” Park Kyu-hyun said. Sometimes I want to eat delicious food, but I gave up for success. In addition, he has been working out twice a day.

After seeing Park Kyu-hyun, his colleagues call him “machine.” Park Kyu-hyun said, “You eat the same diet every day and call it that when you watch your individual exercise during break time off. Another friend asked, “Where the hell is your life?”

“When I heard that, others might feel bad, but I felt rather good. “It means that we are going well toward our dreams,” he said. Thanks to such efforts, Park Kyu-hyun has been established as a starting pitcher right after his first-team call-up through a high competition rate in Youth.

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