Westbrook is the worst three-point shooter of all time CBS Sports Davis

Westbrook is the worst three-point shooter of all time CBS Sports Davis is leading the Lakers this season


Some pointed out that Anthony Davis should lead the team in order for the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA this season.

CBS Sports emphasized on the 12th (Korea time), “The Lakers are still LeBron James’ team, but this season, Davis should play as MVP as he did in last season’s playoffs.”

Davis holds the key to winning the Lakers.

CBS Sports reported that the Lakers recruited “triple-double maker” Russell Westbrook, but said, “He is literally the worst three-point shooter in history. His three-point success rate was 30.5 percent, the lowest among those who attempted at least 2,500 three-point shots. In three of the four seasons, his 3-zom shot success rate was less than 30 percent.

This is a warning not to play on Westbrook.

The media paid attention to which lineup Vogel would actually set up during the game.

If James-Davis-Westbrook were to play at the same time, Davis would not be able to do it properly.

For example, if two of Ellton, Monk and Horton-Tucker play with the Big Three, there will be little Davis can do.

Instead, maintaining a power forward with Davis’ preferred Big Man at his side, such as Mark Gargall or Dwight Howard, could create a hole in the opponent’s defense.

This means that James, Davis and Westbrook should not be on the court at the same time.

Davis also called for his defensive performance, saying he could play a one-man defense when he was healthy.

He also stressed that Davis and Westbrook need to play often to pressure the opposing defense with three other shooters without James this season.

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