What are you thinking about, Grillish, who turned on the blind

What are you thinking about, Grillish, who turned on the blind date app right after losing to Tottenham?


Jack Grillish of the English Premier League (EPL) Manchester City has turned on a VIP-only blind date app shortly after losing the season’s opening game to Tottenham Hotspur.

In a match between the two teams held on the 15th local time, Tottenham beat Man City 1-0 with Son Heung-min’s second-half winning goal.

The blind date app known to be used by Grillish is “Raya,” which is unfamiliar to many people.

Some raise suspicions that Grillish’s Raya account may be fake, but local media say it is unlikely.

Raya can apply for a subscription only if it is recommended by an existing subscriber, and even if it is applied, it takes a considerable amount of time to sign up for the final subscription. This is because the membership committee carefully examines the applicant’s job and salary to decide whether to approve the membership. In the UK, it is called a “celebrity dating app.”

Grillish’s Raya account is now linked to his official Instagram account.

According to British media The Sun, Grillish’s connection changed to Active last Sunday night shortly after the Tottenham match. “I came to London from Birmingham, England,” the status message said.

Another British media Mirror wrote, “Grillish probably turned on the app to encourage himself.”

Earlier, Grillish clicked “like” on a bikini photo of a woman, influencer, on Instagram, and canceled it a few days after the gossip. The woman is a member of the British “Heart Signal” Love Island.

Grillish’s latest known date is model Sasha. Sasha, 25, also appeared in the Euro 2020 final in which Grillish played. The two childhood school friends later enjoyed their vacation in Croatia 안전놀이터

Grillish recently moved from Aston Villa to Manchester City. The transfer fee was 100 million pounds (161 billion won), the largest in EPL history.

However, his Manchester City debut on the 15th was criticized. He was disappointed by fans as he finished the game without any particular points of attack, and even showed signs of nervousness during the game.

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