Yang Jung-won

Yang Jung-won became the bride of May On the 6th

Yang Jung-won became the bride of May On the 6th non-celebrity groom and hwachok

Yang Jung-won

Actor Yang Jung-won (34), who became famous as a Pilates instructor, became a bride in May.

According to daily sports coverage on the 8th, Yang Jung-won married at a wedding hall in Seoul on the afternoon of the 6th. Yang Jung-won’s groom is a non-celebrity, and the two dated as lovers and gained trust in each other, leading to marriage.

Curie, a former member of T-ara, celebrated her wedding by posting a photo of Yang Jung-won in a wedding dress and a message saying, “The world is pretty.”

Meanwhile, Yang Jung-won made her debut as an actor through the tvN drama “Young-ae-san 3.” Since then, he has appeared in various entertainment programs as well as dramas such as “Our Gap-soon” and “I’m excited to hear you.” In particular, he made his face known through MBC’s entertainment program “My Little Television.”

As of May, he has completed his Ph.D. in Physical Education at Yonsei University Graduate School and is currently serving as a chief professor of Medical Pilates at Cha Medical University

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