Messi’s uniform Give me your uniform 21-year-old MF

Messi’s uniform Give me your uniform 21-year-old MF almost fainted at Messi’s request


Angel Gomez was a Manchester United prospect. Gomes, who showed outstanding performance in the Manchester United youth team, joined the Manchester United squad in 2017. He was 17 years old because he was born in 2000. Since then, he has been at Manchester United until 2020 and has now moved to Lille, France.

Gomez told a story related to Lionel Messi, the “God of Soccer,” in a recent interview. Gomez said that there was an incident where he almost fainted

According to an article reported by Daily Star on the 8th, Gomez played with Messi and said Messi asked for a top in his uniform. Gomez said, “Messi asked for my shirt. It was completely surreal,” he confessed.

What was really unbelievable happened in February last year in a match between Paris Saint-Germain and Lille, where Messi belongs. All the players want to have Messi’s uniform. That’s also Messi’s uniform, which played as an opponent in the game.

In fact, Israeli Maccabi Haifa players in the same group as Paris Saint-Germain made headlines on social media at the 2022-23 Champions League group draw ceremony hosted by UEFA last year.

Among the Haifa players in Group H at the time, Omer Artzili and teammate Dolev Hajija tagged Messi and Neymar and even left a message saying, “Give us a uniform!”

Gomez and Messi played together at Lille’s home stadium, and after the match, Gomez quickly approached Messi, who was leaving the field, to get the Metchday uniform. The team lost 5-1 at home, but it had nothing to do with winning or losing.

Naturally, I intended to ask Messi to take off his uniform, but when Gomez approached Messi, the situation turned around. Messi asked for Gomez’s uniform first. Gomez said something “surreal” happened because it was unbelievable 파워볼게임

Gomez told the BBC about the situation at the time. Gomez said, “It was like I was Messi’s fanboy moment. I couldn’t tell a lie. But the situation was a complete turnaround,” he recalled. Gomez then recalled, “Messi took off her uniform first and I also took off my uniform at Messi’s request.”

Gomez responded to Messi’s request, saying, “What? “Does Messi want my uniform?” he said. But in Gomez’s retort, Messi said, “Yes.”

Gomez says Messi was an idol. Gomez said, “I grew up watching Messi on television and I watched videos of him actually playing and I played with him and got his uniform and gave him my uniform. It was unrealistic to me,” he said, still trembling

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